There are several people who contribute to the organization in different ways and who voluntarily call themselves members of pedestrian pics. Amongst the people who take primary responsibility for organizational activities and decisions are:


Pradeep K P (Deepu)  co-founded Pedestrian Pictures in 2001. a documentary film maker and a cinematographer with several narrative feature films, ad films and documentaries to his credit. Deepu’s skill with the visual medium complemented by his deep understanding of the politics of media has translated into teaching .

A software professional and an activist, Abhishek walks the challenging line that divides these two roles every day. A keen reader and an avid software programming fan, Abhishek is in the middle of a production that will detail the Dalit articulations over the past several years in Karnataka. A detailed research process undertaken along with Adarsha and other senior activists has preceded the entire production process.

Abhishek spent several months with children in Tamil Nadu, helping them deal with the impacts of their tsunami hit villages, in 2004. Along with several others, Abhishek has helped set up a school, giving children belonging to the Arundatiyar community another chance at learning and life.He is now working with Swabhimani Dalita Shakti as well.


Jisha became involved with documentary film making while working as a journalist. She worked as an associate director in K P Sasi’s Fabricated, a film deals with  on the Fabricated Cases on Abdul Nasar Maudany and Others. She also edited a book on UAPA related cases in Kerala. She is a regular contributor to the online magazines in Malayalam. She is currently working on a film on tribal land struggle in Coorg

Sunil Kumar

Sunil is a documentary film maker and a researcher. In 2013-14, he was a research fellow with, an organization that works on creating an archive footage library. He did research on the current development model of Chhattisgarh state, concentrating on Janjgir-Champa and Korba districts. The research led to his first documentary film ‘Rice Bowl to Ashtray’ which was completed in Nov 2014. The film received an award in the VIBGYOR International Film festival in Kerala in February, 2015. He has also assisted Anil Chamadia, a noted journalist in Hindi media. He has worked as a Research Associate to Prof. Jean Dreze from 2007-09. His work included conducting field studies, social audits, media engagement and campaigns for effective implementation of the NREGA Act. He also designed and implemented surveys with Prof. AnirbanKar at Delhi School of Economics on the nature of political and landed class in rural India.


Has directed Six documentaries and a music video, all on issues pertaining to the common people. A post graduate diploma in Science and Development Communication, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature are his educational credentials. Sreemith has made his mark in academics too by being a faculty in visual media,in different well known Educational Institutions for as long as five years

Debaranjan Sarangi

Debaranjan Sarangi is an Orissa-based anti-mining activist, writer and film-maker. He spent eight years with the anti-mining movement of adivasis in Kashipur, Orissa, and is also involved in anti-communal struggles. He writes on anti-mining resistance, development trajectories, communalism, and related issues.


Vikash is a Phd Research from Delhi School of Social Work. His thesis is a ethnographic study on the  Indigenous People’s collective in Chottanagpur region in Jharkhand. He is presently working on a campaign video on a land struggle in Jharkhand and is also doing a study on a primitive tribe group Sabar of Jharkhand.

Anthony Kiran

A student at the Ken School of arts, Bangalore, is doing his bachelor’s in fine arts. He is from Tattagupe where he is involved in forming a union of the farmers there.


He has completed his degree in Film making from st. Joseph’s college. He has been an integral part of all the recent pedepics productions

​ Somnath Waghamare

​ Somnath Waghamare is a Post graduate in Media Studies from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He worked for two years at the Film and​ Television Institute of India, Pune. He has made two documentary films​, ​’I am not a Witch’ and ‘The Battle of Bhima Koregaon’. Both documentaries have been screen​ed ​in different cities ​of India​ and have gained appreciation​​.​ His area of interest lies in cas​te and gender issues.​ Currently, he​ is working on a docu biopic on Dr. Gail Om​vedt​. ​He is also pursuing M.Phil in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Ayesha  Devaraj
oined Pedestrian Pictures and became interested in what can be done with documentaries after they are made. Having an audio-visual medium of publicising issues and sharing information to create awareness, intrigued her. She has been with us since 2010. On her journey with Pedestrian Pictures she has found that her love for languages can be put to use in a social/cultural context. She has just finished studying Sociocultural Linguistics and would like to further explore and research the subject in a country where it is becoming increasingly imperative to do so. She enjoys the written word and her contribution to Pedestrian Pictures has been predominantly in this area.

Vinith Kumar

Visual media was a happy accident on the journey to understand the workings of our society. Worked as co-director in the documentary film ‘What story are you looking for?’, which deals with the eviction of dalits from lands distributed to them by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in Khar West, Mumbai. Also assisted in several films with Deepu. Been a part of research trips to northern parts of Karnataka to create a report on sexual abuse of women and children.

Worked with Janos Chiala, a well-known photojournalist covering the issue of suicides amidst sugar-cane farmers in Mandya, Karnataka. Currently working on a photo-essay on the abduction of Najeeb Ahmed, a student of the Jawaharlal University, Delhi.

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