There are several people who contribute to the organization in different ways and who voluntarily call themselves members of pedestrian pics. Amongst the people who take primary responsibility for organizational activities and decisions are:

A professional cinematographer with years of experience and a repertoire of documentary, ad film and commercial cinematography, in several languages. He is keenly interested in wildlife photography as well, and has had a series published in the National Geographic magazine.

Deepu’s skill with the visual medium complemented by his deep understanding of the politics of media has translated into teaching commitments at media institutions in Bangalore and elsewhere. He has been an integral part of all pedepics productions besides directing Invisible Faces (an urban-housing-politics film) and another activist film that he did for Adivasi Gothra Maha Sabha, Kerala.

A filmmaker, a committed explorer of cameras, a design wiz and a paper aficionado. Uvaraj’s directorial record with pedestrian pictures includes Outside Mercy – a film on caste-discrimination, seen rampant during the tsunami relief distribution in Tamil Nadu in 2004. He has also lent significant support to another pedpics production Girigididha Grahana that details the communalisation of Bababudangiri by the Sangh Parivar and the strong resistance by the anti-communal movement in Karnataka.

He also has an astonishing ability to think on his feet as and is able to deal with wires and connections that go haywire.


Vikash is a student of  Christ University doing his MSW. He enjoys writing poetry and is honing his script writing skills now working on scripts on issues he feels are pertinent.

He spends his time reading and watching political and social discourses on various current affairs, widening his understanding of our society.

A software professional and an activist, Abhishek walks the challenging line that divides these two roles every day. A keen reader and an avid software programming fan, Abhishek is in the middle of a production that will detail the Dalit articulations over the past several years in Karnataka. A detailed research process undertaken along with Adarsha and other senior activists has preceded the entire production process.

Abhishek spent several months with children in Tamil Nadu, helping them deal with the impacts of their tsunami hit villages, in 2004. Along with several others, Abhishek has helped set up a school, giving children belonging to the Arundatiyar community another chance at learning and life.

He is now working with Swabhimani Dalita Shakti as well.

Akash S

A BPO professional, keenly interested in documentary film making, is currently working on a project on water-privatisation in Bangalore.

Anthony Kiran

A student at the Ken School of arts, Bangalore, is doing his bachelors in fine arts. He is from Tattagupe where he is involved in forming a union of the farmers there.

Govind Menon

An enthusiast by nature, Govind believes that film is a powerful medium that can bring about a required change. With his interests catered towards cinematography he is currently assisting in the up coming projects. Another member of the Team Pedestrian interested in learning about the politics of film. Govind makes sure he finds enough time to watch films, is currently taking guidance from visiting film makers and other institutions closely associated with Pedestrian Pictures.

Robin Christopher

A law student who has worked on the research material of farmer suicides in North Karnataka.

Ayesha Devaraj 


Has directed Six documentaries and a music video, all on issues pertaining to the common people. A post graduate diploma in Science and Development Communication, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature are his educational credentials. He is part of a media activist organization-Pedestrian pictures.

Sreemith has made his mark in academics too by being a faculty in visual media,in different well known Educational Institutions for as long as five years.
Sreemith has done camera for documentaries,short films etc..
Sreemith has been a percussionist in several local bands, and a voice artist in AIR from his school days onwards.

Sreemith has been recognised with awards, for his talents as a percussionist, as a Camera person, and as a Director of Documentary Films.

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