A lot of our work is situated around this medium. There is a serious engagement that comes from an inherent excitement that all of us at pedestrian pics share while working with visuals. Beyond a doubt, films, across genres, have the strength to communicate, influence and make discussions possible.

Productions – We produce and direct our own films, visual leaflets, activist reports…we have 18 productions on our list so far. Another 3 in the making. These films have been screened and distributed across Karnataka – the experience has been unbelievable! 2000 copies of one film sold in 3 weeks, nearly 500 screenings of another film across Karnataka so far…

Screenings – There are several brilliant documentaries and other films that we screen (apart from our own productions!) in practically any space we are offered. Colleges in Bangalore and spaces outside the city are the mainstay of our screening activities. Besides this, the last Saturday of every month finds us at IAT – our monthly public screening. Want to track of our screening blitz?

Distribution – We are currently under discussion with several filmmakers to distribute their films in Karnataka. We will have a list up here soon of all the films that we are distributing, do check back soon.

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