Over the years, we have built up an extensive library of films – political films, documentaries and features. Keeping track of the films has been a major task in itself for all of us. We are in the process of revamping our cataloging process, updating our film lists and making it easier for everybody – so bear with us till we run the last mile. In the meanwhile, here is a starting list of synopses. DO check back often, this will be updated constantly. And, just because a film is not on this list doesn’t mean we don’t have it, just that it needs to go through a process of verification and backups before it makes it to this list! Email if you want to borrow a film on this list. Click on the film title for a detailed synopsis of the film.

List of films

LC 001 VIKAS BANDOOK KE NAL SE/DEVELOPMENT FLOWS FROM THE BARREL OF THE GUN dir. Meghnath & Biju Toppo, 2003/54 mins/ English subtitles

LC 002 Not the number game series (3 films on 1disc) 1. Dry Days In Dobbagunta, dir. Nupur Basu, 1995/11 mins/English subtitles 2. Mothers of Malappuram, dir. Nupur Basu, 1996/10 mins/English subtitles 3. Land of Widows, dir. Yim Chandavy and Amanda Rudman, 1996/11 mins/English subtitles

LC 004 Father, Son and Holy War, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1995/120 mins/English

LC 005 FREEDOM, dir. Amar Kanwar, 2001/58 mins/English subtitles

LC 006 GADI LOHARDAGA MAIL, dir. Meghnath & Biju Toppo, 2006/27 min/English subtitles

LC 008 HEALTH MATTERS, dir. Shikha Jhingan, 2005/77 min/English subtitles

LC 009 Hidden Wars of the Desert Storm, dir. Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy, 2003/60 min/English

LC 010 Ilayum Mullum/Leaves and Thorns, dir. KP Sasi, 1993/90 mins/Malayalam with English subtitles

LC 011 IN SEARCH OF GANDHI, dir. Lalit Vachani, 2007/50 mins/English subtitles

LC 012 In the Name Of God/Ram Ke Naam, dir: Anand Patwardhan, 1991/75 mins/English subtitles

LC 013 INDEBALYA, dir. Natesh Ullal, 2000/33 mins/english subtitles

LC 015 In whose defence (Kiski Raksha), dir: Shriprakash, 1994/52 min./ English subtitles

LC O16 KITTE MIL VE MAHI/Where the twain shall meet, dir. Ajay Bharadwaj, 2005/72 mins/English subtitles

LC O17 Living on the Edge, dir. Magimai Pragasam, 2005/11min/eng sub

LC 018 MANY PEOPLE MANY DESIRES,dir. T. Jayashree, 2004/45 mins/English subtitles

LC 019 NARI ADALAT/WOMEN COURTS, dir: Deepa Dhanraj, 2000/45min/English subtitles

LC 020 No One Believes the Professor, dir. Farjad Nabi, 1999/25min/English subtitles

LC 021 A valley refuses to die, dir. KP Sasi, 1990 /50 mins/ English subtitles

LC 022 Pure Chutney, dir. Sanjeev Chatterjee, 1998/42min/English subtitles

LC 023 Q2P, dir. Paromita Vohra, 2006/54 mins/English subtitles

LC 024 Quest, dir. Suma Ghosh, 2005/36min/English subtitles

LC 025 Ribbons for Peace, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1998/ Music video/ 5 mins Occupation: Millworker, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1996/22 mins/English subtitles We Are Not Your Monkeys, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1996, Colour/ Music Video/5 mins

LC 026 Abhad Bhumi – Right to Land, dir. Dayabati Roy, 2006/57mins/English subtitles

LC 027 A Fine Imbalance, dir. Megha Dabi and others (student film), 2005/12mins/English subtitles

LC 029 A Narmada Diary, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1995/57 mins/ English subtitles

LC 030 AAKROSH/OUTBURST, dir. Ramesh Pimple, 2003/18 mins/English subtitles Chords on the Richter Scale, dir. Shyam Ranjankar, 2002/45 mins/English subtitles

LC 031 AAMAKAAR/THE TURTLE PEOPLE, dir. Surabhi Sharma, 2003/75 mins/English subtitles

LC 032 Anti Armed Forces Specil Powers Act (AFSPA)

LC 033 Bil’in Habibti (Bil’in My Love), dir. Shai Carmelli-Pollak, 2006/85 mins/Eng sub

LC 036 Bombay our City, dir. Anand Patwardhan, 1985/75 mins/English subtitles

LC037 Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda, dir. Shriprakash, 1999/76 min/English subtitles

LC 038 Burnt Not Defeated, pedestrian pictures production, 2004/46 min/English subtitles

LC 040 Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a City, dir. Paromita Vohra, 2006/15 min/English subtitles

LC 041 Development at Gun Point, dir. KP Sasi. 2002/36 mins/English subtitles

LC 042 The forgotten army, dir: Kabir Khan, 1997/105 min/English subtitles

LC 043 The Indonesian Comfort women, dir:Kana Tomoko, 2001/92 min/English subtitles

LC 044 Unlimited Girls: A Fearless Tale of Feminism, dir. Paromita Vohra, 2002/94 mins/English subtitles

LC 045 View from a Grain of Sand, dir. Meena Nanji, 2004/82 mins/English

LC 046 Water business is good business, dir. Sanjay Barnela & Vasant Saberwal, 2004/26 mins/English subtitles

LC 047 Where’s Sandra? dir. Paromita Vohra, 2005/18 mins/English

LC 048 Zapatista, produced by Big Noise Films, 1999/56 mins/English subtitles

LC 050 Chaliyar – The Final Struggle, dir. P Baburaj & C Saratchandran, 1999-2001/35mins/English subtitles

LC 051 Rememberence of Things Present, dir. Chandra Siddan, 2007/80 min/English subtitles

LC 052 Kutty Japanin Kuzhandaigal/Children of Mini Japan, dir. Chalam Bennurkar, 1990 /63 min/Tamil with English subtitles

LC 053 Only an Axe Away, dir: P Baburaj & C Saratchandran, 2004/40 mins/English subtitles

LC 054 Ek Minute ka Maun/A minute of Silence, dir. Ajay Bharadwaj, 1997/60 mins/english subtitles

LC 055 The Bitter Drink, dir. C. Saratchandran & P. Baburaj, 2003/26mins/English subtitles

LC 056 Seruppu, dir. Amudhan RP, 2006/74 min/Tamil with English subtitles

LC 057 Iron is Hot, Dir: Biju Topo & Meghnath, 2006/40/ English subtitles

LC 058 Kanavu – The Dreams, Dir: Sarat Chandran, 2001/ 35 Mins/ English subtitles

LC 059 Mahua Memoirs, dir. Vinod Raja, 2007/82 mins/english subtitles

LC 060 Fourth World War, A film by Big Noise Films, 2003/78 mins/english subtitles

LC 061-MORALITY TV AND LOVING JEHAD – EK MANOHAR KAHANI, dir. Paromita Vohra, 2007/29 mins/English subtitles

LC 063 Climate Change -Various footages on climate change

LC 064 Independent Media on Iraq – Noam Chomsky’s speech

LC 065 The Hands that protect Health, pedestrian pictures film, Kannada/2006

LC 066Resisting Coastal Invasion, dir. K.P. Sasi, 2007 /52 mins/ Malayalam with English subtitles

LC 067 Oil Factor Behind Iraq War, Dir:Audrey Brohy and Gerard Ungerman, 2004/93 min/English

LC 068 Sun doesn’t shine in the camp, Balata Film Collective, 2004; 35 min

LC 070-Pastoral Politics, Dir: Sanjay Barnela and Vasant Saberwal, 29 minutes/English and Hindi with English sub-titles

LC 071 End of Suburbia, Dir: Gregory Greene, 2004/78 minutes/English

LC 072 A Disaster in Search of Success, DDS Community Media Trust, 2007/50min./English subtitles

LC 073 Paul Robeson, 1979 /34min./ English

LC 074 River Taming Manthras, Dir: Sanjay Barnela, Vasant Sabherwal, 2004 /35 min /Hindi, English (with subtitles)

LC 076- A Human Question, dir. T. Jayashree, 2005/53 mins/English subtitles

LC 077- Turf Wars, dir. Sanjay Barnela & Vasant Saberwal, 2001/41 min/English subtitles

LC 078- Why are Warangal Farmers Angry with BT Cotton, A film by Deccan devolopement society

LC 079- Mukthi Kotha – Words of Freedom, Dir: Tareque & Catherine Masud, 1999/82 mins/English subtitles

LC 080-Chomsky the Imperial Grand Srategy -Amy Godman

LC 081- The Big Blackout, dir. Daniel Chavez & Satya Sivaraman, 2003/26min. /English subtitles

LC 082- 1000days and a dream, dir. C. Saratchandran & P. Baburaj, 2006/60 mins/English subtitles

LC 083-Long Live Iraq, Dir: Gopal menon, 2004/25min/english subtitles

LC 084 Redefining Peace, dir. KP Sasi, 2005/60 mins/English subtitles

LC 088 When women unite, dir. Shabnam Virmani, 1996/70 mins/English subtitles (Telugu version available)

LC 089 The Seduction of Dr. Loya, dir. Priya Krishnaswamy, 1999/45 mins/English subtitles

LC 090 Words on water, dir: Sanjay Kak, 2002 /85 mins/English

LC 091 Rabba Hoon Kee Kariye, Dir:Ajay Bharadwaj, 2007/65min/English subtitles

LC 092- A Night of Prophecy, Dir: Amar Kanwar, 2002/77 min/English

LC 093- The Many Faces of Madness, Dir: Amar Kanwar, 2000/19 min/ English

LC 094-THE LIGHTNING TESTIMONIES, dir. Amar Kanwar, 2007/113 mins/English subtitles

LC 095-Something like a war, dir. Deepa Dhanraj, 1991/52 mins/English subtitles

LC 096- Baphlimali 173, dir. Amar Kanwar, 2001/28 mins/ english

LC 097-GODHRA TAK: THE TERROR TRAIL, dir. Shubhradeep Chakraborty, 2003/60 mins/English subtitles

LC 098- JASHN-E-AZADI, dir. Sanjay Kak, 2007/138 mins/english subtitles

LC 099-Uncovered the war on Iraq, Dir: Rob Greenwald, 2003/83 mins/english

LC 100-Control Room, Dir: Jehane Noujaim, 2005/86min/English

LC 102- Resilent Rhythms, Dir. Gopal Menon, 2002/64 min./ Tamil/Telugu/Hindi/Kannada/Bhojpuri with English Subtitles

LC 104- In the Name of Medicine, Dir: K.P. Sasi, 1987/24 mins/ English

LC 105- If It Rains Again, Dir:K.P. Sasi, 2006 /13 mins/Tamil with English subtitles

LC 106- The time after Tsunami, Dir:K.P. Sasi, 2005 /38 mins/Malayalam with English subtitles

LC 107- INDIA UNTOUCHED – Stories of a People Apart, Dir: Stalin K., 2007/108 mins/English subtitles

LC 108- New State; Old problems – Dir: Ajay TG2008/11min/English

Anjam dir. Ajay TG 2008/20 min/English

LC 109- The other side of the Mirror 7 mins

Aisa Kyon – 2mins

LC 110 Phool Nahi Chingari Hai, Chattisgarh ki Nari Hum – 2006/66 mins

LC 111Gurgaon: Daman aur Pratirod – 2005/45 mins

LC 112 Letters and Learning – Dir: Ajay TG, 2003/41 mins/English subtitles

LC 113 Bhook ke virudh bhat ke liye – Dir: Ajay TG, 2003/41 mins/English subtitles

LC 114 Living Memory – Dir: Shobha Ajay, 2002/33 mins/English

LC 115The Last Shelter – Dir: Kamlesh Kumar Sahu, 2000/12 mins

LC 116- Women Builders (Reja)– Dir: Kamlesh Kumar Sahu, 2004/46 mins

LC 117- The Journey Dir: Rita Chandan & Ajay TG, 2001/15 mins

Heads & Tales – Dir: Alpa Shah & Ajay TG, 2002/20 mins/English subtitles

LC 118- Village Lives : Distant PowersDir: Peggy Froerer, 2008/34 mins/English subtitles

LC 119Hathaure Wala – 1999/5 mins

Jeet 2001/15 mins

Jandarshan Video diary part 1 – 1999/3 mins

LC 120 Skin Deep– Dir: Reena Mohan, 83 mins/English

LC 121So Shall You Reap – Dir: Ajay Bharadwaj, 2007/35 mins/English

LC 122The Source of life for Sale Dir: KP Sasi

LC 123 Quest for Land – 2008/Bengali with English subtitles

LC 124–  A Season outside – Dir: Amar Kanwar, 1998/30 mins/English

LC 125Final Solution Part 1 : Pride & Genocide – Dir: Rakesh Sharma, 2004/75 mins/English subtitles

Final Solution Part 2 : The Hate Mandate – Dir: Rakesh Sharma, 2004/75 mins/English subtitles

LC 126 Whose Land is it Anyway– Dir: Ladly Mukhopadhaya, 40 mins/English Subtitles

LC 127- For the Sake of Development – Dir: Sitangsu, 29 mins/English Subtitles

LC 128- Gomukada Hinde, Dir: pedestrian pictures, 2006/74 mins/Kannada

LC 129- Girigidida Grahana, Dir: Vijay Kumar, 2004/50 mins/Kannada

LC 130- Fishers of men, Dir: Ranjan Kamat & Padmavathi Rao, 1997/117 mins/English subtitles

LC 131- Godesses, Dir:Leena Manimekalai, 2007/45 mins/Tamil with English subtitles

LC 132- Bondhu Amar-Oh my friend, Dir: Nilanjan Bhattacharya, 32 mins/Bengali with English subtitles

LC 133- Voice from Baliapal, Dir: Ranjan Palit & Vasuda Joshi, 40 mins/Oriya with subtitles

LC 134- Follow the Raoinbow, Dir: Ranjan Palit & Vasuda Joshi

LC 135- Balkan Rhapsodies 1-78, Dir: Jeff Silva, 2007/54 mins/English

LC 136Sopno Satti Somoy, Dir: Nilanjan Bhattacharya, 25 mins/English subtitles

LC 137- To Die for Land-the ultimate sacrifice,Dir:Sarat Chandran, 2008/36 mins/Malayalam with English subtitles

LC 138- How Geraldo Lost his Job, Dir: Patrice Barrat, 2008/40 mins/English subtitles

LC 139- Tanvir ka Safarnama, Dir: Ranjan Kamat, 2007/78 mins/English subtitles

LC 140- The City Beautiful, Dir: Rahul Roy, 2003/78 mins/English subtitles

LC 141- Scribbles on Akka,  Dir: Madhushree Dutta, 2000/60 mins/English subtitles

LC 142- This land, My land, Eng-land, Dir: Sanjay Kak, 1993/55mins/English

LC 143- Made in India, Dir: Madhushree Duitta, 2002/37 mins/English subtitles

LC 144- Cinema Verite-defining the moment, Dir: Peter Wintonock, 2006/103 mins/English

LC 145- A House and a Home, Dir: Sanjay Kak, 1993/50 mins/English

LC 146- Under this Sun, Dir: Nilanjan Bhattacharya, 2005/58 mins/English subtitles

LC 147- A life with slate , Dir: Dipesh Kharal ,2005/59 mins/English

LC 148- Chaama Diu ! Tara Nabirsa ( Forgive , Forgive not ! ) , Dir: Pranay Limbu , 2007 /52mins/English

LC 149 – From Dust , Dir: Dhruv Dhawan ,2005 /80 mins/ Srilanka

LC 150-  Every Good marriage begins with tears , Dir: Simon Chambers 2006 /62 mins/ UK/ Bangladesh/English

          LC 151-   Dying for the Land Dir : Sarat Chandran , 2008 / 36 mins/ India /

          LC 152  Unnayaner Name ( For the sake of Development )

          LC 153-  Rabindranath Tagore Dir : Satyajit Ray , 1961 / 54 mins/ India /

          LC 154- Dying for the Land Dir : Sarat Chandran , 2008 / 36 mins/ India /

          LC 155- Beyond Elections Dir : Silivia Leindecker and Michael fox

          LC 156 – Internationale Dir : Peter Miller

          LC 160 –  Writes on the borders Dir : Samir Abdullah and Reynes

          LC 163-   Lanka – The other side of war and peace Dir : Satyajit Ray

          LC 164-  Hunting down Water Dir : Sanjay Barmala and Vasant Sabarwal

          LC 165-  HotspotsSrilanka

          LC 167- The Bee The Bear The kuruba By Vinoda raja

          LC 168- A Mother’s Lament Dir : Yasmin Kabir

          LC 169- Shipbreakers Dir : Michael Kot

          LC 170-The Miseducation of Pakistan Dir : Sayed Ali Nazar

          LC 171 –Motherland Afganistan Dir : Sadika Mojadidi

          LC 174  Ayodhya to Varanasi – Prayers for peace Dir : Suman Josson

          LC 175  Cannibal Tours Dir : Dennis O” Rourke

          LC 179  Forgive not , Forgive not Dir : Pranay Limbu



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