We screen films in colleges, at workshops, in apartment complexes, in slums, schools and various other places. Some of them are listed here.

In addition to all these, 6 regular public screening takes place in a  month at regular venues.

pedestrian pictures has a lot of screenings in Bangalore and elsewhere across Karnataka. The best way to keep track of the screening blitz is to email us. If you have any queries on organizing a screening, call us.



Pedestrian Pictures, VIKALP Bengaluru, Alternative Law Forum, MARAA and Department of communication, St.Joseph’s college

Inviting you to the screening of the film;


Directed by Divya Bharati

Duration: 107Minutes

Date: 26th August (Saturday)

Time: 5.00 PM

Venue: Xavier Hall, St. Joseph’s College of arts and science(autonomous)(Langford road, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru)

The documentary film Kakoos was released on 26 February 2017, and immediately received much acclaim and positive reviews as a courageous film exposing how even the State is perpetuating manual scavenging. But, after the premier, the Tamil Nadu police have stopped screening of the film in Nagercoil, Coimbatore, Madurai and Kanyakumari claiming it might pose a threat to law and order.

On July 25, the police barged into Divya Bharathi’s house and arrested her for allegedly failing to attend a court hearing about a student protest in 2009. Now, there are 12 cases filed against Divya across five districts in Tamil Nadu under charges including promoting communal enmity. She has received more than thousand phone calls with acid attack and rape threats.

Kakkoos documents the lives of “manual scavengers” in Tamil Nadu, focusing on the dehumanization that comes with their occupation. The film shows that manual scavenging is a problem of caste, class, and gender; and raises issues around contractual employment, delayed payments, and the social ostracization faced by sanitation workers.

Divya and her team covered many towns and cities in Tamil Nadu on foot to be able to locate manual scavengers – whose work is usually done ‘out of sight.’ The sights and scenes the film covers – men and women cleaning overflowing toilets, toilets clogged with sanitary napkins: cleaning human faeces with their bare hands – are difficult to watch and must have been extremely difficult to film. But it forces the viewer to face facts about the sheer crime of allowing millions of human beings to do such work in India. It shows the unspeakable – and asks hard-hitting questions about caste and class in the process. It is not a film designed to elicit sympathy for manual scavengers: as Divya herself has said many times, she wants people to feel guilt and anger and an urgency to eradicate manual scavenging without a moment’s delay.

For further details

Contact: Deepu (7353770203), Lekha Adavi (9686757053)

Film maker will be present for the discussion.
pedestrian pictures is a media activist organization working in Bangalore since 2001

Pedestrian pictures invites you to the premiere of

our latest documentary film

‘The Conflict’

Whose Loss Whose Gains

Directed by Debaranjan Saarangi

December 4th Friday: 4.30pm- 8pm

* Duration: 90 minutes

* Language: Oriya (with English Sub titles)


IAT, Queens’ Road, Bangalore (directions to the venue)


Adivasi communities in India are feeling more and more alienated everyday from their life and from their own culture in their own land. They are caught up between today’s corporate globalisation and communalism. This film is on how one tribal community of eastern India (South Orissa), mainly Kandha, is up against this dual onslaught…

Swamy Laxmananda was killed on 23rd August 2008 at his Jaleshpeta Ashram and Maoist immediately claimed that they have killed him. But anti-christian violence started from next day. Sangh Parivar and Laxmananda had converted many Christians into Hindus (it was nearly 18,000 by 1987 as per the PUCL report.) . Government of Orissa admits that due to communal violence 38 dead, 3 missing, 415 villages affected, 3226 houses destroyed, 195 church and prayer houses damaged, 25,122people were in Govt -run relief camps. Nobody knows how many thousands fled to other districts of Orissa and other parts of India. Adivasis who have been hinduised by the Sangh Parivar were participated in large numbers in the violence against Christians.

In 1993, UAIL, earlier a joint venture of four MNCs, came to the Kashipur block of Southern Orissa to mine bauxite, the raw material for aluminium, from Baphlimali bauxite mines, and to set up alumina plant at the Kucheipadar/Doraguda site. This was after India embarked on economic reforms, inviting more MNCs into the mining sector. Due to people’s resistance, all big companies like Tata (India), Alcan (Canada) and Hydro (Norway) left Kashipur, except for Aditya Birla (India), who adopted fraudulent means and is determined to proceed. For the company the project is all market and profit. For the government it is all about getting royalty. But for the Kondh adivasis of Kashipur – it was loss of their land and livelihood, their forest and food, their streams and rivers, their culture and ancestry. By 2006, many villagers in the 24 villages of Kashipur block left their land, including 3 villages which were evacuated for the company.

If the government had really taken interest in the development of adivasis, would adivasis have been influenced and exploited by others? Are Adivasis being turned into sacrificial goats by the corporate globalisation and communalism? This film is the director’s journey with three tribal leaders to Kandhamal and Kashipur, soon after the violence in Kandhamal broke out in August-September 2009.

For more information, contact Deepu (9448367627), Uvaraj (9448371389),

Or email

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